About Us

Guangzhou lanxiang design is a professional dedicated to corporate image and brand image building, integrated branding and CI, and VI development of creative consulting firms. Guangzhou advertising company, and Guangzhou design company, and Guangzhou logo design, and Guangzhou logo design, and Guangzhou album design, and Guangzhou publicity book design, and Guangzhou trademark design, and Guangzhou VI design, and Guangzhou brand design, and Guangzhou plane design, and Guangzhou packaging design, and Guangzhou planning company, and Guangzhou brand planning, and Guangzhou website design, expertise Yu VI design, and CI import, and plane design, and products and packaging design, and environment and guide shows design, and website design,, while also including enterprise of value provides, and concept and vision development, concept build , Is an important item on corporate foundations. To create competitive and heterogeneity of brand value, to provide customers with truly targeted customer group profit doubled, contacts doubled doubled, doubled performance, team and help meet business and customer communication.